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Linux As we all know, Mac OS X has support for what is called 'fat binaries'. These are binaries that can carry code for for instance multiple architectures - in the case of the Mac, PowerPC and x86. Ryan Gordon was working on an implementation of fat binaries for Linux - but due to the conduct of the Linux maintainers, Gordon has halted the effort.
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Fat binaries are the wrong solution. It's inferior to package management because it doesn't take into account dependencies, updates, etc etc. It basically an install.exe with a single step toward management in terms of architecture. Silly.

So grandmas doesn't need to learn about computers, all that is really required is to take "apturl" and add the ability to seamlessly add repositories. Maybe with a trust system, warning the users if you are installing an untrusted repository. This direction seems to be in progress. The problem might be a solution that meets both grandmas and techies needs, in that situation, grandma looses, and rightly so for the sake of the system. But in this case, I think a small friendly wrapper can automate adding a repository and installing an app from it for grandma without interfering with the techies.

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Looks like it exists in some form already.

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