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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y There's no right way to do it, only ideas that are better than others in certain situations. But if you had the opportunity to head up the design of a new OS, one to Put Things Right, one that could be radical enough to varnish out those UI/X bumps that have clung on for years, but practical enough to be used every day, what would you design? How would you handle application management? What about file types and compatibility? Where would you cherry pick the best bits from other OSes and where would you throw away tradition? I've tackled this challenge for myself and present (an unfinished idea): KrocOS (warning: HTML5 site, will display without CSS in IE/older browsers). OSnews Asks: What would make your perfect OS?
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My points
by twitterfire on Fri 6th Nov 2009 12:01 UTC
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First, I would like to salute your idea as the article tries to be constructive not destructive.

If I'll have 1 billion euros and I I'll agree to spend 100 milions to design a new OS, these are the thing I will do:

-make a team of professional OS programmers; not hobby os programmers, not other kind of programmers

-make a group to study the latest discoveries and improvements and research studies in the Operating Systems field (things like L4 microkernel family, research file systems, researc oses etc); keeping in touch with researchers and teachers from universities

-employ a research firm to really see what users want and to see how they want an os to behave

-employ an research firm to see what will developers want; ; what kind of apis amd ides they will prefere to use when they will write software for the new platform

-make a group to study latest research in gui, desktop gui design and usability

-let the programmers, designers and researchers make some brainstorming: it will come clear the os arhitecture, the type of kernel, the type of file system, the type of gui, the type of apis, etc

-everything will have to be written from scratch, heavily optimized for speed, stable and responsive and also bloat free; the os will have to be as usable as possible

-keep all things as simple as possible; don't write software monsters that "do it all". instead write a single software that does one job, does it properly and is designed with interoperability in mind.

-write design ideas, write specifications and design rules based on things done earlier

-write the actual os according to specifications, design rules and design idees

-employ some hundreds programmers; sign NDAs with major hardware providers (AMD, Nvidia, Intel, etc) and write drivers for the new OS - don't expect them to do that

-employ some thousands programmers, sign NDAs with major software houses and port at least: the 20 most used bussiness software, the 20 most used home software , the 10 most popular games and the 10 most awaited games.

-do some proper alpha and beta testing meantime

What do you all think? Will 100 million euro suffice?

Also, please excuse my grammar mistakes, as I'm not very fluent in English.

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