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Hardware, Embedded Systems Is complexity (and wearing this on the outside) an inherit part of open source design? FactoryJoe compares the OpenOfficeMouse (a mouse with 18 programmable buttons and even an analogue joystick) and the Apple Magic Mouse-"To me, the OpenOfficeMouse seems like such a typical product from the open source community." [Kroc: I honestly believed the OpenOfficeMouse to be a very clever satirical joke, the irony that it isn't suspends belief]
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Why I think it is a hoax
by MrWeeble on Mon 9th Nov 2009 11:12 UTC
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It claims to have worked with, who own the trademark "", but categorically *do not* own the trademark OpenOffice (which is why they add the clunky .org to it)[1]. So logically it should be Mouse as would have pointed out to their "partner" that OpenOffice Mouse would be a trademark violation.

Pointing to articles on the net by news sites/blogs that point to the original website is not proof, I want independent verification before I believe it.
If it is something they have been working on together, where is the information on the website. Once it is linked from there I will believe it to be real, until then, I call shenanigans!


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RE: Why I think it is a hoax
by tupp on Mon 9th Nov 2009 21:28 in reply to "Why I think it is a hoax"
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It appears that there was already an OpenOfficeMouse presentation at OOoCon 2009:

In addition, there is correspondence about involvement with the OpenOfficeMouse project on the OO forums:;jsessionid=704EFF5E557481...

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