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Apple We're all familiar with the fact that Apple has trouble managing its App Store. While it is overflowing with applications, Apple governs it willy-nilly, and the web is rife with stories from developers who had their application rejected for no apparent reason. There's now a new issue we can add to the list. Are you an iPhone developer? Do you want a similar, competing application out of the App Store? All you need to do is send an infringement claim to Apple, and they'll happily threaten to remove the competing application without a second thought. Update: And here's a similar case, about Stoneloops! vs. Luxor.
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RE[2]: Apple & developer support
by dragossh on Mon 9th Nov 2009 11:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple & developer support"
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And look at how many are fart apps...

As a Mac user, you should know very well that quantity doesn't mean quality. But I guess every Mac user forgot that when they saw the success of the iPhone. Because by your logic, Windows is better than OS X.

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