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Editorial Hands up if you use Firefox. Have used it? Know about it? Heard of it? 'Sites up and down the World Wide Web today will be celebrating five years of Firefox. When I sat down to write this I worried about having to list the history of its features and landmark events and the news of the past five years. Other sites will be comprehensively doing that, there is nothing I can add to that list that Google can't surmise. Instead I will be telling you what Google does not know, my story of Firefox and what Firefox has meant to all of us.
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still FF
by Ikshaar on Mon 9th Nov 2009 16:45 UTC
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Using Linux only at work, I have been using Firefox for ages (so it feels) and still doing so. Chrome is not yet on Linux, and I am not a fan of its UI anyway (sorry the tabs above address bad annoys me) - sad thing that FF will follow that too. Cannot imagine what the internet would have been without Firefox to kick the IE monpoly.

Funny story. I did a clean install of Windows 7 (at home) and the very first thing I did (always do) was to use IE to download FF. Well IE crashed once in the whole 20 seconds I was using it on the sparkling new OS of MS. I smirked.

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RE: still FF
by sakeniwefu on Tue 10th Nov 2009 08:43 in reply to "still FF"
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You have to understand that, like the author, most of the people that try to do something about web browser UIs are web and graphic developers.

Most of them think that looks are more important than functionality/contents. And he at least has got a taste. A quick tour around the web, will convince you that not many are like him.

This is why since the golden-age FF1.5 GUI, the GUI has been only getting worse to make room for rounded icons and design and IE/Chrome UI misfeatures in general.

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