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Editorial Hands up if you use Firefox. Have used it? Know about it? Heard of it? 'Sites up and down the World Wide Web today will be celebrating five years of Firefox. When I sat down to write this I worried about having to list the history of its features and landmark events and the news of the past five years. Other sites will be comprehensively doing that, there is nothing I can add to that list that Google can't surmise. Instead I will be telling you what Google does not know, my story of Firefox and what Firefox has meant to all of us.
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Comment by adinas
by adinas on Tue 10th Nov 2009 08:02 UTC
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"I cannot possibly imagine how repulsive I would be if I were a big Windows zealot ragging on about how great Vista is, coding in .NET and writing websites in ASP .NET with awful, awful HTML / CSS"

In the same breath that you accuse others of being zealots you show your own fanaticism. Claiming that simply using ASP.NET produces awful HTML shows that you will go to any length and lies to prove your anti MS attitude.

Not to mention the fact that by moving to Apple you went to the most closed monopolistic proprietary platform possible, it is absurd to then complain about Microsoft.

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RE: Comment by adinas
by Kroc on Tue 10th Nov 2009 08:13 in reply to "Comment by adinas"
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I know ;) That was all part of the humour. The point about ASP.NET is not that _it_ outputs bad HTML, but of all ASP.NET developers I’ve ever met, they do not have the personal _want_ to output good HTML. The IDE makes you lazy and quality of HTML is always a lower priority with .NET. .NET developers are a different class who generally care more about the backend than the frontend. (Because, who, frankly, finds the .NET state management to be acceptable? Here’s 1K of garbage in your HTML, enjoy!)

Oh, and switching to Mac OS taught me more about open source than using Windows _ever_ did. I started using Apache, PHP and there’s still Ruby and Python on here to learn. The fact is that Mac OS is an open source developer’s dream platform.

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RE[2]: Comment by adinas
by adinas on Tue 10th Nov 2009 10:28 in reply to "RE: Comment by adinas"
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Sorry for being argumentative but how exactly is "Mac OS is an open source developer’s dream platform"? Does some pop up appear when the OS loads begging you to use open source?

Apache, PHP, Ruby and Python all work on Windows just as well (if not better since their are many more users to test them)

You happened to gravitate towards these things after using your Mac but I can't see how the Mac itself brought this about.

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