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Mac OS X Apple has finally released Mac OS X 10.6.2, the latest version of its Snow Leopard operating system, and be prepared for a massive update for your Mac: 473MB. There's a lot of stuff in here, and among other things, it includes a fix for the guest account data loss bug.
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RE: Curious...
by memson on Tue 10th Nov 2009 12:56 UTC in reply to "Curious..."
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How many people would support Microsoft if they suddenly released SP4 for XP ...

Gotta stop you there. You seem to be implying that Apple "suddenly" dropped support when, in fact, SUPPORT NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. That is a very, VERY, important thing to realise. Without understanding that point, any argument put forward is pointless. That is all.

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RE[2]: Curious...
by rockwell on Tue 10th Nov 2009 14:57 in reply to "RE: Curious..."
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No shit. These posters are clueless idiots. The Atom processor was NEVER supported, and won't be, unless Apple says so.

Unbelievable, the idiocy on these boards.

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