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Windows Last week, security vendor Sophos published a blog post in which it said that Windows 7 was vulnerable to 8 our of 10 of the most common viruses. Microsoft has responded to these test results, which are a classic case of "scare 'm and they'll fall in line".
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RE[4]: They deserve it
by sbergman27 on Tue 10th Nov 2009 22:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: They deserve it"
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Until both OS's are tested in the wild with the same level (and stupidity) of users, along with the same level of focus from the bad guys, this really cannot be stated as fact.

Why? All else aside, the fact of the matter is that the bad guys *don't* attack non-MS OSes with anywhere near the intensity that they attack Windows. This makes Windows a far more dangerous operating system to run. Period.

Look at it this way. If you had a choice of being put into a battle zone without a bullet proof vest, being put into a battle zone with a bullet proof vest, or staying at home watching Nova (with or without a vest), which would you choose? Which would be safest?

I've never understood folks who whine that if Operating System Q were attacked as much as Windows, they would have problems, too. Because there is only one family of OSes which *is* attacked so violently and consistently. And that is the Windows family of operating systems.

It reminds me a bit of that scene in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?".

To paraphrase:

Blanche: If *only* I weren't always getting attacked by all this malware!

Jane: Butcha *are*, Blanche! Ya *are* getting attacked by all that malware!

People need to learn to face reality. And the reality is that regardless of the relative security features of the OSes themselves, Windows is a far more dangerous OS to be running than just about anything else, because it's the one with the target painted on its back.

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