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SuSE, openSUSE We're in the middle of the distribution release frenxy, or so it seems. After Ubuntu 9.10 and Mandriva Linux 2010.0, it's OpenSUSE time now: the team has pushed out OpenSUSE 11.2. A minor version number, but there's enough in there, still.
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Just tried to download the DVD for PPC, only to discover -after googling- that PPC support is dropped.

I would expect from such a company like Novell, to at least have the decency to SAY that they drop support for an architecture. Regardless if it's popular or not.

Back to Debian then I guess.

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The ironic thing is that the "Get it" image on the main page still shows a CD labelled "PPC."

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Correction: Novell is not making a release of openSUSE Factory as 11.2.

However, openSUSE continues to be built for PPC, so you can use openSUSE Factory as a rolling release.

If PPC users want, they could step up and make a PPC 11.2 release with CDs as part of the the openSUSE project, as the ARM guys are doing.

See this thread .

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