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Google Google have created a new HTTP-based protocol "SPDY" (pronounced "Speedy") to solve the problem of the client-server latency with HTTP. "We want to continue building on the web's tradition of experimentation and optimization, to further support the evolution of websites and browsers. So over the last few months, a few of us here at Google have been experimenting with new ways for web browsers and servers to speak to each other, resulting in a prototype web server and Google Chrome client with SPDY support."
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RE: Calling all FOSS Developers...
by evert on Thu 12th Nov 2009 22:06 UTC in reply to "Calling all FOSS Developers..."
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Summer of Google works the other way around.

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tomcat Member since:

Summer of Google works the other way around.

How so? It just looks like yet more of Google pimping students for its own purposes...

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dnebdal Member since:

Please enlighten us - what are those purposes?
For bonus points, explain the SoC students working on Haiku, FreeBSD, and other OSes and projects google has never used.

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ichi Member since:

How does paying students to work on projects like bzflag or scummvm fit with Google's "own purposes"? What would those purposes be?

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