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Google Google have created a new HTTP-based protocol "SPDY" (pronounced "Speedy") to solve the problem of the client-server latency with HTTP. "We want to continue building on the web's tradition of experimentation and optimization, to further support the evolution of websites and browsers. So over the last few months, a few of us here at Google have been experimenting with new ways for web browsers and servers to speak to each other, resulting in a prototype web server and Google Chrome client with SPDY support."
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RE: Applaud and boo, all in one
by Kroc on Fri 13th Nov 2009 13:00 UTC in reply to "Applaud and boo, all in one"
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I agree absolutely.

Since Adam already spilled the beans in one of the Conversations, I may as well come out and state what is probably already obvious: There is a new site in the works, I'm coding the front end.

_All_ of your concerns will be addressed.

The OSnews front end code is abysmally bad. Slow, bloated and the CSS is a deathtrap to maintain (the back end (all the database stuff) is very good and easily up to the task).

Whilst we may not see eye to eye on HTML5/CSS3, I too am opposed to wasted resources, unnecessary JavaScript and plain crap coding. My own site adheres to those ideals. Let me state clearly that OSn5 will be _better_ than I may even be able to impress you (though I doubt that ;) )

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