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Hardware, Embedded Systems Techvideoblog has a video review of the Menq Easypc E760, an $80 ARM-based laptop that runs Android. From the looks of it, I don't think this is a very good gadget, because it's slow (less powerful than an iPhone 3GS, but of course also a lot cheaper), but I agree with the Techvideo guy: the Easypc is important because it's the vanguard of a likely wave of cheap, ARM-based devices that will very soon have the necessary power for a pleasant and productive web browsing experience. Once that happens, a sizable portion of the current laptop and netbook userbase will move downmarket, and some of the constituents that the OLPC program was trying to serve (young students and the lower economic stratum) will have a network communication device available to them that's more accessible.
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I wouldn't mind having one of these to play around with, it would be even better though if they release the hardware info so we could create our own firmware images for it.

Mate, name one thing that isn't made in China/Taiwan/<insert Asian country here>?

China is the work house of the world - get used to it.

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So you quoted the parent, but you responded to the wrong post.

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So you quoted the parent, but you responded to the wrong post.

I'd try to fix it up but thanks to the stupid policy of of not allowing a person to fix their posts, I'm screwed.

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Mate, name one thing that isn't made in China/Taiwan/?

China is the work house of the world - get used to it.

...and that is precisely the problem.

F**k China.

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That is a bit too much here.

We are here to discuss technology and how to improve people's standard of living through technology.

I provided IT consultancy to people regardless of their skin color and believe.

Do you really need to use the F word? If you do, say it loud and clear, so that we can hear. Spell the word in full. Is there any reason you did not spell the word in full?

If you are an American citizen. You owe the Chinese money. It is the same you owe the bank money. You don't f--k the bank manager. Do you?

I live in New Zealand. Recently, the native New Zealand Maori call us White Mother f--kers. I don't like at all.

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