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Hardware, Embedded Systems Techvideoblog has a video review of the Menq Easypc E760, an $80 ARM-based laptop that runs Android. From the looks of it, I don't think this is a very good gadget, because it's slow (less powerful than an iPhone 3GS, but of course also a lot cheaper), but I agree with the Techvideo guy: the Easypc is important because it's the vanguard of a likely wave of cheap, ARM-based devices that will very soon have the necessary power for a pleasant and productive web browsing experience. Once that happens, a sizable portion of the current laptop and netbook userbase will move downmarket, and some of the constituents that the OLPC program was trying to serve (young students and the lower economic stratum) will have a network communication device available to them that's more accessible.
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Android could be a big thing for Google
by Lumbergh on Sat 14th Nov 2009 01:49 UTC
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I think ChromeOS is pretty much DOA before it's even anything, but Android could be a market disruptor.

Android is getting hot in the phone market, and now if if this sub-netbook market takes off, we could see big growth for Android in the "mobile" market....which I'll include this sub-netbook in.

And I don't think this its really Microsoft that should be worried. It's Apple.

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I actually kinda liked the Windows CE interface on a device of that size. Kinda reminded me of Windows 95 ;) ... Ah, those were the good old days....

(EDIT: After thinking about it, the good old days were filled with IE crashes, driver hell, and wide-open security holes... But it's always nice reminiscing over the computing past with colored glasses on.)

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You really think Google built two entirely different OSes for down-power devices? ChromeOS will be some form of Android repacked and optimized for larger displays.

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