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Gnome GNOME 3, the much talked about next generation GNOME introduces a radical shift from the interface found in GNOME 2.x. Digitizor has a quick visual tour of GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 9.10.
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The push towards advanced features like this is actually what makes gnome/kde worthwhile - otherwise we could be (and some are!) using any old fluxbox/xfce/icewm.

So the reason to replace a working and efficient paradigm by a bunch of floating resizing and translucid thingies is that we have 3D graphics card?

I like innovation, but in the common sense innovation means change for good. eg. IE6 vs Firefox 1.5 with tabs or even, why not, having a preview of the window when hovering over a taskbar button.

Replacing easily navigable menus by click through adventure games(minus the games and the adventure) or modal "ribbons" that use half the screen do not fit that definition.

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