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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Qualcomm has revealed that its 1Ghz Snapdragon ARM chip will ship in an upcoming Lenovo smartbook. AT&T has already partnered with Lenovo to sell the product. New smartbook products will bring ARM into the small form-factor laptop market and could give Intel's Atom some serious competition."
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my wife's kennel name for her Japanese Chins is SnapDraggon

I wouldn't worry about it but know of at least one instance where a company did this. Sirrius satellite radio sued a french bulldog breeder who had the kennel name Sirrius for their kennel name and had had it for years before they ever thought up satellite radio. didn't matter they lost

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Hate to say it, but if these kennel-names are important to your revenue stream then you ought to be applying (have applied) for trademark protection for them. The system exists for a reason, and it's more to do with preventing a big corp stepping on your toes than vice-versa, believe it or not. However, that only holds true if you jump through the same hoops they have to, in order to protect your "brand".

Having said that, I can't see how a dog breeder* is likely to be confused with a CPU or satellite radio. As long as the defendants undertake not to use the name for any business that competes with the complainant. Think Apple Corps [the Beatles' record label] vs. Apple Computer, which was fine until JobsCo started its music store.

* Unless your wife actually collects and sells the chins of Japanese people, in which case I think you need a criminal lawyer.

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