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Features, Office Tim Bray, the director of Web technologies at Sun, said at the conference in Slovenia late last week that the file format developed by standards body OASIS has the potential to transform the world as much as the World Wide Web did.
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Office doc std
by Nex6 on Mon 3rd Oct 2005 16:12 UTC
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I think, if and as, state and national gov, start using and standarizing on opendocument and if open doc gets ISO cerified. yes, I do belive things can and will change greatly.

once opendoc gets ISO, then, things like internation banks and other big ISO companys will start using it.


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RE: Office doc std
by on Tue 4th Oct 2005 11:32 in reply to "Office doc std"
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If states start requiring it, then the entities that do business with the state will need to provide documents in that format. Then Microsoft will be dragged, kicking and screaming to the standards table.

It is inevitable that OpenDocument will become the standard. It may take a few years, but it WILL happen.

I, for one, welcome it.


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