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Microsoft Thom's down with flu, so to avoid moving a lot of interesting news to pg.2, I am creating a combined item here covering a number of Microsoft related news items submitted to us.
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RE: Comments by tomcat
by buurtnerd on Sun 15th Nov 2009 13:23 UTC in reply to "Comments by tomcat"
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Tomcat, do you really believe this is how Microsoft works? Do you seriously swallow their lame excuses?

How can you patent improvements to existing solutions like SUDO without blocking further improvements. Visually I imagine another innovator needs to find a way around your innovation first before starting to innovate again. Software patents block innovation rather than encouraging it. I agree with the basic core concept of patents; I think innovation should be supported; but software is different from -old fasioned- hardware innovation. Maybe we should reward ideas rather than protect ideas.

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RE[2]: Comments by tomcat
by tomcat on Tue 17th Nov 2009 01:44 in reply to "RE: Comments by tomcat"
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Maybe we should reward ideas rather than protect ideas.

Well, that sounds great, as long as somebody else doesn't steal your idea. Do you really want a world where the Microsofts and Googles and Apples can simply take the work of small inventors -- and then reimplement it without giving any kind of compensation to the little guy? Because that's the reality: Most plaintiffs in patent infringement suits aren't big companies. They're little guys. The primary reason that most big companies patent ideas is because they want to defend against potential infringement cases, and to give them leverage for technology cross-licensing. They rarely go after people for patent infringement.

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