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Highest Troll to User ratio ever?
by James.Hoving on Mon 16th Nov 2009 09:15 UTC
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Its odd that there are so many trolls here that want to bitch about what I did wrong in a DEMO video.
Its not me working its me trying to explain to you ppl what COULD happen with this bug. Im sure that all the Trolls are really smart and that they know all the bugs in Vista+ and have adapted to work around them, that is NOT the issue. If you know about this bug and have adapted your way of working to it, why havnt you let the rest of the world know?

Im at home with svineflue and Im too sick to bitch about stuff that have no purpose but inflating egos. If you have anything usefull to say please post it to my YouTube page so I can delete the Trolls.

(edit. Oh, I forgot. Microsoft were happy to hear about the bug, but what do they know.)

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No troll here. Just difficulty with 1) understanding your complaint and 2) duplicating it.

Even though I now understand the behavior, I don't use the folder list. I had to find it to try to duplicate your bug.

I've never liked it, because it's too easy to make a mistake. I like having source and destination windows open at the same time, preferably in a split-window... but that's only available on KDE.

But, if Microsoft acknowledges it as a bug, then that's a good thing.

Now, the "zero-day" SMB exploit in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 that can shut down a server? THAT is a major bug. Losing your primary profile because someone logged into the guest account? Again, that's a major bug.

Yours is minor, but I understand the annoyance to you. I do seriously suggest you review your procedures for file management, however.

I've spent the last few days dealing with a user who insists on making unscheduled, untested changes to a "mission critical" server, then yells when it stops working. It's left me a bit irritable.

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