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Gnome GNOME 3, the much talked about next generation GNOME introduces a radical shift from the interface found in GNOME 2.x. Digitizor has a quick visual tour of GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 9.10.
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RE[4]: Whoa, big changes.
by Laurence on Mon 16th Nov 2009 16:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Whoa, big changes."
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The current preview doesn't offer the ability to turn this crap off, so it's not a given that there will be some way to return to the classic Gnome desktop.

It's beginning to look like KDE4, a whole lot of UI fluff that they know most users would turn off immediately if they could, so they have to force it on everyone to satisfy themselves that it's being "given a chance.

For once I wish they would just copy OS X and Windows.

Errr, Windows is /the/ worst offender for turning on the UI crap by default.

Besides, to get Linux to compete with Windows 7 / OS X, then Linux DE's will need the fluff turned on by default because many n00bies will want it to "just work".

So it makes more sence to me to have this stuff enabled and ask power users like us to disable what we don't need. Particularly when GNOME is the DE of choice for most desktop Linux distros.

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