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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This weekend, Palm launched its second webOS phone, the Palm Pixi. At the same time, the company also released webOS 1.3.1 for Pre owners in the US (other countries will follow later this month). At the same time, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein talked to The New York Times about his company.
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about my comment
by tyrnight on Tue 17th Nov 2009 14:53 UTC
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Im glad my Post about me getting rid of my Pre got people talking about the WebOS and the Devices it runs on.. Please, don't misunderstand me.. I really wanted the Pre to work for me.. and in order to bring awareness to the platform, we need to make Palm aware of the issues and need to get them to fix them.

Palm is notorious for not being diligent in sending out updates. And I know the the WebOS is in its infancy, but it could have been more polished than this.. I went with the Hero.. and Folks say its slower and more laggy than the Pre.. well.. thats not what I experienced.. the Hero, IMO FWIW, has shown to be responsive and more usable than my Pre.. I gave my Pre 2.5 Months to shine.. and it got worse with time.. every update was a tiny bit better.. but added more issues than it fixed..

ALL devices and OS platforms have their issues.. and some better suited for other people than another.. but Palm, please, do not leave every WebOS user hanging when your not fully utilizing the hardware to its potential. Polish it like the stone that it is..

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