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General Development The beta for Atlas has been launched on November 15. Atlas is a visual development tool for creating web applications using the Cappuccino framework. "Atlas is a development tool for building Cappuccino applications. In addition to managing your project files and editing code, it includes a powerful visual layout tool for designing your interfaces without ever having to touch code. Designers are empowered to interact with their designs instantly, which means programmers get to finished applications faster."
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Comment by memson
by memson on Tue 17th Nov 2009 16:17 UTC
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The framework they are using looks very nice. Their product is overpriced thoug - $20 BETA, with no guarantee of final cost much past "you get your $20 off".. um.. nope. Sounds way too much like the Pixel32 and SkyOS model of business.

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RE: Comment by memson
by sanctus on Tue 17th Nov 2009 18:10 in reply to "Comment by memson"
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I start using cappuccino for custom software development one year ago. It is simply amazing.

It is far shorter to write program
Logic, object relation and delegation is far simpler than in any other web framework I've use. (sproutcore look also good)
Code is easier to read

If I count what I saved in time and productivity, 20$ in the balance sheet is like adding free sugar to your coffee.

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RE: Comment by memson
by dagw on Tue 17th Nov 2009 22:51 in reply to "Comment by memson"
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$20 is a trivial amount of money. If I had a project where I needed something like Atlas I'd happily pay twice that. If it could save me a few of hours on one project I'd have made my money back several times over.

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RE[2]: Comment by memson
by Melicerte on Wed 18th Nov 2009 09:00 in reply to "RE: Comment by memson"
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It is $20, and your program expires after 3 month. That's overpriced.

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RE[2]: Comment by memson
by reez on Wed 18th Nov 2009 20:49 in reply to "RE: Comment by memson"
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Well, I would also say it's too expensive.

It is beta...
(from some betas you ear money)

Cappuccino which seems to do most oft the stuff is cross platform, free and open source.

Even if it does look nice I doubt it really saves you that much work/time.

Maybe open sourcing it would be good, else I'll create an open source version ;-)

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