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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference is currently under way, and as usual, the technical fellows at Microsoft gave speeches about the deep architecture of Windows - in this case, Windows 7 of course. As it turns out, quite some seriously impressive changes have been made to the very core of Windows - all without breaking a single application. Thanks to BetaNews for summarising this technical talk so well.
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This is sad because Linux kernel IS indeed superior to the windows kernel.

How, exactly, is the Linux kernel superior to the Windows kernel?

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How, exactly, is the Linux kernel superior to the Windows kernel?

While I would not be inclined to make any sweeping statement such as "X is superior to Y", a willingness to open up the code to the wider world seems a good long term investment. Despite any ups and downs, my investment of confidence, professionally, has performed well over the years. I see no reason to abandon it. I would provisionally call that superior.

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An open system can be better adapted to your needs.

Just look what the HPC guys are using.

New Top500

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Maybe because Linux is free and for commercial OS they need to pay per machine, or even per core?

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Right because 99% of computer users are working on high-end supercomputing clusters. Therefore, linux is better.

Typical freetard bullshit.

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