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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference is currently under way, and as usual, the technical fellows at Microsoft gave speeches about the deep architecture of Windows - in this case, Windows 7 of course. As it turns out, quite some seriously impressive changes have been made to the very core of Windows - all without breaking a single application. Thanks to BetaNews for summarising this technical talk so well.
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RE[4]: *off topic
by Bending Unit on Wed 18th Nov 2009 15:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: *off topic"
Bending Unit
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Yes when complexity grows, ie when you feel that 26 drive letters is too little, I can understand it feels limited.

I still don't dislike the concept of having a forest though. Letters is simple and good enough for most users. For more complex scenarios, names sort of like the Amiga had would be nice. Drivename:\dir\file

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RE[5]: *off topic
by fx__ on Wed 18th Nov 2009 17:23 in reply to "RE[4]: *off topic"
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No no, the Amiga had the slashes the correct way! Partition:Directory/File

I think the Amiga-way is many times better than the Windows-way, you could name a partition DH1: but also give it a name, say Games:, and then access it by typing either DH1: or Games:.

It also had assigns which was very nice. Sort of like soft-links but with volumes. You could assign Games: to DH1:Cool stuff/More cool stuff/Games/ and then access that deep directory by just typing Games:, very nifty. I know you could do this in DOS aswell, but it's not the same thing. Sys: on the amiga is always the disk you have booted from, whatever the name is. And so on...

But I still think the Unix system is the best and most flexible, maybe not for home users, but as long as it's hidden (as on the Mac and in Gnome/KDE etc..) it works really nice.

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