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Google Okay, so it's not an actual release as Arrington predicted last week, but Google will indeed take the wraps off its Chrome OS tomorrow. The company will hold an event tomorrow at its company headquarters in Mountain View, California, where it will unveil its plans for the operating system. Update: An OSNews reader has uncovered possible evidence that Chrome OS uses X, Clutter, and Slim.
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RE[2]: Something I bumped into
by kragil on Wed 18th Nov 2009 20:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Something I bumped into"
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Very interesting. Great find.

It just seems to be Moblin+Chrome.

Linux, Conman, X, Clutter, GTK etc is just Moblin.

Over at LWN I read that the kernel teams for Android and Chrome OS are very different, so it seems highly unlikely that Dalvik and Android will be part of Chrome OS.(Android depends on a lot of out of tree kernel patches)

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