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Google Okay, so it's not an actual release as Arrington predicted last week, but Google will indeed take the wraps off its Chrome OS tomorrow. The company will hold an event tomorrow at its company headquarters in Mountain View, California, where it will unveil its plans for the operating system. Update: An OSNews reader has uncovered possible evidence that Chrome OS uses X, Clutter, and Slim.
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You are sooo right.

X may well be the main reason why this whole Linux-on-the-desktop thing has not happened after 20 years.

Those Unix based GUI projects that have made it anywhere happen to have skipped X Windows (e.g. Android, OS X).

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RE[4]: Something I bumped into
by jabjoe on Thu 19th Nov 2009 11:40 in reply to "RE[3]: Something I bumped into"
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Argh more X bashing, and yet just last night I set my wife up with openoffice on the craptop when it was really running on the desktop. Whilst I was surfing on the main screen and a video was playing on the second screen (tv), all without issue, and the desktop itself is long in the tooth. And that's now, before Galluim3D etc etc, and the drivers moved from X into the kernel. No, if Google use X they are wise and all us free Unix users gain from the increase of money in development and number/quality of the software we can run. I feared they would do an Apple and box in their Unix. This is good news. Makes Chrome OS just another distro but with a big grand behind it. My only gripe with X is that it doesn't do audio, but, seams to have died.

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Wouldn't break my heart of some of that budget got pushed over to Alsa to finish support for the newer soundcards. The beta code runs my X-FI very nicely but not having it in the production ready code means an extra step every time I upgrade kernel or alsa through the distro. Granted, it would only have to support the sound chips being put into google tablets or whatever the OS becomes embedded in.

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