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IBM German website Heise Online has received confirmation that IBM is terminating its Cell processor line. This means that no future development will take place, making the PoweXCell 8i the last Cell processor. Parts of the Cell project will still make it into future processor designs, however.
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RE: Another Revolution *Poof*
by moondevil on Fri 20th Nov 2009 22:42 UTC in reply to "Another Revolution *Poof*"
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Nothing surprising here.

Cell processors cannot do much against a set of GPGPU cards doing parallel processing.

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Actually, the CELL cpu was quite slow on most things. For instance, the SUN Niagara at 1.4GHz was more than 13 times faster than the 3.2GHz CELL at string pattern matching, if the working set is large. If the working set is tiny, then the 3.2GHz CELL cpu is roughly 50% faster than the 1.4GHz Niagara. But who is interested in tiny working sets, in real life there is always large working sets.

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Francis Kuntz Member since:

Are you kidding ?

You gave us a Sun blog entry to back up your numbers ?

Dude, if I learnt something since the release of Solaris 10, it's that you should never trust Sun.

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Actually, the CELL cpu was quite slow on most things.
Yeah, one specific case will prove your "theory" =)

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The cell processor is not optimized for tasks that require moving a lot of data. It is designed for vector math.

That means it's great at things like modeling physics, cryptanalysis, and the like. Scientific computing.

I'd be interested to see benchmark comparisons for something like that.

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