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Windows Earlier this week, a senior National Security Agency official told US Congress that the NSA had worked on Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. This spurred a flurry of rumours about the NSA building backdoors into Windows 7, but Microsoft has today categorically denied these claims.
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RE[2]: NSAKey?
by josephsmith on Sat 21st Nov 2009 15:30 UTC in reply to "RE: NSAKey?"
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"Only the tin-foil hat wearing fringe whacko conspiracy nutjob paranoids take this type of sensationalist reporting seriously."

Ah yes, spoken like a true ameriKan. How did you manage to string together such a long line of impressive words? I see you have been watching a fair amount of Fox News and CNN. Your ignorant comment comes as no surprise. Everyone knows the U.S. has one of the most ignorant, dumb, brain-washed and gullible populations in the world. They will believe anything as long as they hear it on their national news.

Some food for thought for brainwashed narrow-minded half-brained quasi-educated ameriKans like yourself: in mainstream political circles anyone who talks about conspiracies is ridiculed. This ugly habit is dishonest since even a little open-minded study reveals that there have been many conspiracies throughout human history, and that many of them had a great effect. Let's consider: the burning of Rome by emperor Nero - blamed on the Christians. The Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany by Hitler's people - blamed on the communists. Moscow apartment bombings in 1999 by the FSB (KGB) - blamed on Chechen rebels and used to justify Russia's invasion of Chechnya. And then 9/11...? You tell me. When stuff happens abroad everyone immediately suspects a conspiracy, but the U.S. is of course immune to conspiracies. The U.S. government always works in your best interest and would never harm or spy on its own citizens, right? And surely they would not sacrifice 3000 of their own people for oil, war and Middle East domination, right?


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