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Hardware, Embedded Systems, home to cheap laptops and discounted netbooks sent us over the Acer Aspire One AO751h for a review. The AO751h is in-between of a small laptop and a netbook and so it makes it an interesting item to investigate.
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by kragil on Sun 22nd Nov 2009 12:32 UTC
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I thought Intel was using this atrocious chip because it has acceleration for everything. Lame.

AMD needs to make a low power chip. Their package would be so much better.

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microFawad Member since:

Yes I agree with you. AMD must release a low power CPU.

Note that this netbook is still using Win XP ;)

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AMD are doing some low-power chip I think its called Neo.
And then the Via Nano is faster then the Atom, and then there is qualcomm snapdragon and TI OMAP3 that can challenge Atom.

The Atom Z-series are ok, I would not mind the 1.6GHz version on my next netbook (Nokia Booklet 3G or Asus EeePC 1101HA or Samsung N140). Battery time is the most important feature, I have powerful chips in my laptop and desktop for heavy computing. While netbooks are made for portability and basic computing and for that the Atom Z is perfect.

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vermaden Member since:

AMD are doing some low-power chip I think its called Neo.

AMD Neo can not compete with Intel sollutions currently, SU3500 (single core / 45nm / 1.4GHz) consumes 5.5W while AMD Neo (single core / 65nm / 1.6GHz) consumes 15W ...

The Atom Z-series are ok

I agree with you, especially with PowerVR graphigs (GMA 500), I wish Intel would release source code for the drivers ...

AMD has low power CPU in he works (codename BOBCAT), should consume about 1W.

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darknexus Member since:

AMD needs to make a low power chip. Their package would be so much better.

They already have one, have a look at the AMD Neo line of processors. MSI is already using them in several of their latest Wind netbooks and yes, AMD packages them with ATI graphics that kick the Intel GMA's arse.

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ariarinen Member since:

Well Atom still has much better TDP and its built using modern 45 nm fabs. While the Neo is built using 65-nm processe so it cost more to build and uses more power, and the two products are in different market segments.

Nvidia Ion could probably beat the Neo. I would take the Ion, as Intel has better CPU (you don't need 64-bit) and the 9400 beats HD3xxx any day.

Next atom will SOC.

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