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IBM German website Heise Online has received confirmation that IBM is terminating its Cell processor line. This means that no future development will take place, making the PoweXCell 8i the last Cell processor. Parts of the Cell project will still make it into future processor designs, however.
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RE[2]: Another Revolution *Poof*
by kwanbis on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 15:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Another Revolution *Poof*"
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As far as i know, 360's micro is based of Cell technology.

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It's several SMT in-order full PPC cores. Poor theoretical performance, but able to really reach it with code doing all kinds of workloads. The main processor unit may or may not be similar, but that's the weak point of the Cell, while a strong point of the Xenon.

Unless, of course, you mean some other thing containing 360 in its name, as that's not the most unique number to name things with, I guess (Xbox 2pi, anyone?).

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