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Fedora Core Phoronix talks about an upcoming feature in Fedora 13 (scheduled to be released on April 2010) that provides system rollback support via the Btfs filesystem.
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RE: Copy of ZFS
by phoenix on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 21:47 UTC in reply to "Copy of ZFS"
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This functionality has been in OpenSolaris for quite some time now. It really rocks hard. Make a safe quick rollback in seconds. Awesome. I can really understand why Fedora wants that functionality.

There's also experimental support in FreeBSD for the Boot Environment auto-snapshot feature for OS upgrades. Before an OS upgrade, a new BE is created, and you get a menu at boot that lets you select which BE to use. To "rollback", just boot into the previous BE and delete the erroneous one.

It's not part of FreeBSD yet, but the patches and docs are out there to make it work:

And if one puts /var and /usr/local onto ZFS filesystems, one can manually snapshot /var and /usr/local before installing/upgrading apps. If something goes wrong, just rollback to the previous snapshot and try again. (Technically, you'd want to put /var/db/pkg onto a separate ZFS filesystem as that is what gets updated during a port/package install, and not all of /var.) It's not automatic, but it's possible.

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