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Google Google has put up a very interesting document explaining the security features underlying its Chrome OS. The document also details the underlying guiding principles of Chrome OS' security features.
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RE: Who freakin cares about the OS
by ciplogic on Tue 24th Nov 2009 22:03 UTC in reply to "Who freakin cares about the OS"
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This said Microsoft about Windows 98.
We really care, just for sake of how will be oriented the attacks. Moving the attacks from OS to a higher level like a web-page which supposedly will be easier to be tested. Also Google have the knowhow to use a blacklist-whitelist just to block most of those attempts. Or at least I just hope they will!

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Sure, they can use a blacklist, but that is an inherantly reactionary approach. They can't blacklist what they don't know, and the odds are they won't know until a user has been tricked.

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Sure, they can use a blacklist, but that is an inherantly reactionary approach.

That certainly hasn't stopped Norton and McAfee from from becoming insanely popular. Perhaps they'd be willing to sell a monthly subscription service to a proxy that would protect you from all that bad stuff. As everyone knows, studies show that malware exists for Chromium OS. And once it becomes as popular as Microsoft Windows, its security problems will be just as bad.

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