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Apple A few weeks ago I explained that because Palm is still not selling the Palm Pre here in The Netherlands, I decided to buy an iPhone 3GS. Well, we're a few weeks down the line now, so let's review the darn thing.
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by Francis Kuntz on Wed 25th Nov 2009 13:21 UTC
Francis Kuntz
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I am amazed that the review didn't raise the point that the 3GS phone reception is totaly crap.

I got one, and when I compare the reception with a 3G, the 3G always have two 'bar' more than the 3GS.

Worst, sometimes, my 3GS (in a building in a big city) lose totaly the network, while the 3G still show 2 'bars'.

You can see a lot of comments about that on Apple's forum, and the fact that the GPS is often showing bad position since iPhoneOS 3.0

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by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 25th Nov 2009 16:04 in reply to "!"
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Number of bars != reception quality. You can't compare the number of bars on phone Xyz to that of phone Abc. They use different metrics.

For me, the iPhone has much better call quality than my previous Nokia E71. Dropped calls are virtually unheard of - I haven't had a call drop since my first mobile phone, about nine years ago.

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