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KDE We all know what KDE stands for, right? Unless you're new here, you'll know that it stands for the K Desktop Environment. While this certainly covers a large chunk of what KDE stands for, it has increasingly lost its meaning over the past few years. Consequently, the KDE team has decided to 'reposition' the KDE brand.
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RE[2]: Mass renaming needed
by Praxis on Thu 26th Nov 2009 06:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Mass renaming needed"
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Picking a name that sounds great in all languages is hard, I would even say impossible if your goal is truly all languages. And if you go too generic your program becomes hard to find and hard to distinguish from other programs. I mean you could name a group of programs, web browser, image creator, music player, word processor, spreadsheet, email, instant messenger, ect... But your going to have a hell of a time finding it in search or differentiating yourself from the competition. A good name should be short, catchy, and be paired with good logo. Its a big plus if the name suggests functionality, but in practice its hardly a requirement. Branding isn't a big deal especially if you throw the function into a subtitle or somewhere in the metadata so a search for web browser will bring up firefox. Brands are everywhere and present in every market, no one is not using a program because branding name, if the product is good people will recommend it to their friends and it will spread. If words like twitter and google can catch on anything can. The exception being if your name already carries some bad connotation like the gimp. And you need to check for that in multiple languages too, a few products have been burned by their name having an unintentional meaning in another language.

I'm really ambivalent about the KDE change. its marketing. If they think this will make the K desktop environment, excuse me, the kde software compilation an easier sell to people then by all means change it. No one is going to drop it over some thing so minor and I can kind of see their point. They are trying to sell a whole software stack no just a DE so they are trying to promote the whole software stack. Honestly it changes nothing for me and I doubt any programers are having much of their time wasted by this so why not.

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