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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu At the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which took place last week, it was announced that the next release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, version 10.04, will no longer carry the GIMP in its default installation. This actually touches upon somethin I've been wanting to talk about, a problem that plagues both Linux and Mac OS X: Paint.NET is Windows-only.
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RE[2]: GIMP with a different GUI?
by JayDee on Thu 26th Nov 2009 16:38 UTC in reply to "RE: GIMP with a different GUI?"
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Please note that that website and book were created over 9 years ago. I don't think it's ever been updated.

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Thanks for the info, but I stand by what I say. Really, maybe you have seen something different but the only people I have ever seen who use gimp or say they are designers and make web sites using gimp make sites like that, even sites made in the last year or two.

I think a linux users idea of what high-end constitutes and what adobe users think high-end is are two completely different things.

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"Thanks for the info, but I stand by what I say."

Right, because you're not really interested in constructive debate, but would rather just be bashing free software.

Gimp is indeed quite powerful (and yes, I use Photoshop in a professional context). The interface is being fixed in the next version with the new single-window mode, and other "pro" features are planned.

But why miss a good occasion to dump on people creating (and using) Free Software, right?

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