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KDE We all know what KDE stands for, right? Unless you're new here, you'll know that it stands for the K Desktop Environment. While this certainly covers a large chunk of what KDE stands for, it has increasingly lost its meaning over the past few years. Consequently, the KDE team has decided to 'reposition' the KDE brand.
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RE[2]: Ugh
by Richard Dale on Fri 27th Nov 2009 16:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Ugh"
Richard Dale
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Previously they called it KDE 4.3. That was bad enough, and only the hard-core geeks could understand why a piece of software should be called something as brain-dead as the "K Desktop Environment".

Were non-hard core geeks actually bothering to work out what KDE stood for anyway? I think not.

But now you have to call it KDE SC 4.4. Just try to explain to non-geeks that you want them to try "KDE SC 4.4" and see how they like the name. It's an idiotic idea that successfully changes the unpronounceable to the uncomprehensible. Great job, guys!

Are you having trouble with abbreviations in general if you find 'SC' to be 'uncomprehensible' (sic)?

The principle is that you take the first letter of each word in the thing you are trying to abbreviate and take the first letter capitalized. Hence, we can derive 'SC' from 'Software Compilation' as the first two letters of the two words are 'S' and 'C'.

However, if you don't think your target audience is familiar with the abbreviation it often makes sense to use the full original phrase.

In practice, the non-geek audience for KDE will probably never be exposed to the terms 'SC' or 'Software Compilation' because they will use a distro like Kubuntu, and 'Kubuntu' or 'OpenSuSe' will be what they think they are using.

Only if you are a geek tracking KDE releases will you ever come in contact with the term.

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RE[3]: Ugh
by da_Chicken on Fri 27th Nov 2009 23:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Ugh"
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I think the word "gnome" is much easier to pronounce than the word "kde". The word "kdesc" is even more awkward to pronounce. Moreover, words "kde" or "kdesc" don't make any sense to the uninitiated, while the word "gnome" (as strange as it may sound at first when connected to a desktop environment) still is a normal word.

In some other threads I've tried to persuade people to believe that XFCE is a bad choice for the name of a desktop environment. I honestly believe that renaming XFCE to MOUSE (since they already use an image of a mouse in their logo) would be a very good idea. And mouse is a small animal, so it kind of fits to the idea of a desktop environment that tries to keep things small.

But back to KDE. I realize that my criticism could be viewed as unconstructive, because I failed to suggest a better term for replacing KDE. To make my critique a bit more constructive, I suggest that the project should replace the name KDE with a name like GEAR. They already use the image of a gear in their logo, and I understand that a part of their distribution is released under the name "extragear". So it really wouldn't be such a big change.

GEAR is a name that one can easily pronounce. Of course, then they would have to get rid of the habit to call all their software with names than begin with the letter K. But I would be happy even if they changed their name to KEAR. Kear would make no sense, but at least one could pronounce it just as easily as GEAR (or GNOME). But I'd really prefer if the KDE people changed the name of their project to GEAR.

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RE[4]: Ugh
by Jason Bourne on Sat 28th Nov 2009 01:59 in reply to "RE[3]: Ugh"
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XFCE is one of the reasons Olivier did not put his desktop environment into the mainstream as *THE* leading GTK+ based desktop. It's a real shame, but this is life and you know how people can get stubborn to not change anything. Horrible name, horrible choice and I'm sorry that it doesn't get too much attention and peoples interest.

Actually, MOUSE is a pretty good competitive name for that ugly-named desktop.

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