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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is an interesting case. Late last week news got out that Apple is refusing to repair machines still under AppleCare from customers who smoke, citing health risks from second-hand smoke. Wait, what?
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The only problem with smoking is that it kills the smoker too slowly. Only after killing hundreds of other's with their second smoke does the smoker die. so sad.

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I guess the same can be said from a smoker to the non-smoker.

Only problem with a non-smoker is the stress level of complaining about smokers is not high enough! Non-smokers should die faster worrying about what other people do with the lives they live!

Anything that effects a non-smoker in a bad way is fine with me! Besides, we get taxed really high and WE pay for some of the benefits in society!

Funny how when the smokers post they get a ranking of 0 or worse! We are not winning popularity contests here? Boo Hoo!

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