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Window Managers An effort to turn a normal windows installation into a chrome OS like operating system has come to fruition with its first release. The complete shell replacement that is available here stops the default desktop loading at boot time and instead replaces it with Google's Chrome browser (allowing the user to load the normal desktop later). Standby to browser times of 3 seconds have been reported.
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RE: This is one of the reasons...
by sorpigal on Tue 1st Dec 2009 13:28 UTC in reply to "This is one of the reasons..."
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I thought the *point* of ChromeOS was that it gives you a web browser and internet access, portably, without the hassle of managing an OS, or the expense of buying a full laptop.

So why are you dismissing fast, cheap and simple? Aren't those the entire selling point?

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Moochman Member since:

Fast, cheap, simple and *limited*.

I'm not objecting to the fast, cheap, simple philosophy. What I'm saying is that it's possible without throwing the *options* that a real OS gives you out the window. Look at it this way: Given two netbooks in a store, same price, same screen size and speed, one with ChromeOS and one with ChromeOS *plus* local storage space and the ability to run fat-client Linux apps, which would you choose?

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sorpigal Member since:

I am not the target demographic for this.

And, when I said "simple" I also meant "limited." These are two sides of the same coin. It's very hard to do more without being more complicated.

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Interesting question here.

If I was looking at a NetBook for IM, e-book reading, movie/photo sharing and WebBrowsing along with the occasional on-line shopping, I would likely pick whatever makes sense pricewise. I would also pick without regards to a pre-established OS or applications and go for useability.

If I was looking at a NetBook for personal and professional use while on the road, I would have to remain within the confine of the Windows + Internet Explorer + Office combination.

I have not explored Chrome OS and may thus be completely off topic. However, if Chrome OS was my personal OS choice for non-work related stuff, and the NetBook was mine (not a corporate one), then I might consider using ChromeShell as a workable compromise.

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If they were the same price, then the full linux one would be dead slow. The whole point of chromeOS is for a cheap, fast browser appliance.

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