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Windows There was a bit of a stink today about an antivirus vendor claiming that Microsoft's November security patches caused computers to show a 'black screen of death'. Microsoft has investigated the issue, and states that the antivirus vendor, Prevx, is wrong.
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RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai
by _xmv on Wed 2nd Dec 2009 13:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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It's good that they apologized, but still irritating that they didn't do this basic detective work beforehand.

exactly. no news/media website (or even TV or newspapers nowadays) does their job of verifying. If it sounds legit enough, and sentionalistic enough, it will make it through.
worse case, a few days later you can also post a withdrawal, you still got a zillion hits (= money) and desired effect (omg, hate microsoft quick! praise google quick!).

and it suck.

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RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai
by sbenitezb on Wed 2nd Dec 2009 16:52 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai"
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You can stop listening to them anytime. I've already done so.

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