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Qt Nokia has released the latest version of its cross-platform toolkit Qt, version 4.6. As usual, it comes with a whole slew of improvements and new features, and this time, they even added a new platform into the mix.
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RE[2]: QML
by vivainio on Wed 2nd Dec 2009 17:16 UTC in reply to "RE: QML"
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From the looks of it, QML is to QT what XAML is to .NET and WPF. Disregarding the ".NET sUxX0Rz" mentality, as I believe most languages and platforms have their own merits, would this a fair comparison?

Not really. XAML is more like the classical .ui file format that is emitted by Qt Creator. QML files contain behavior as well as presentation.

You can basically write your whole UI-heavy program as a set of QML files (which can contain javascript), event handlers and all.

Check out

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