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Google As most of you will know, a common problem for any new operating system is hardware support. Drivers don't grow on trees, and usually need to be written by manufacturers, which costs time and money. Luckily for Chrome OS, it uses the Linux kernel which makes the hardware support question far less problematic. Still, when it comes to printers, the situation is different, and here, Google is trying to achieve something which should've been done ages ago.
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Can finally print in ubuntu
by kurgan2001 on Wed 2nd Dec 2009 18:46 UTC
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Well I've got a lexmark x2500m that was basically a paperweight in ubuntu.

I was lucky though. Found a way to use the driver for the x2550 that lets me print and use the scanner. Can't check the ink levels though but I dual boot into 7 so it's not too bad.

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I'll happily give up seeing the ink levels if HP would stop making that stupid childrens toy looking quarter screen print progress display required with the driver. I just want the printer and a driver. Taskbar popup messaged for low levels or error codes is fine but that brain abortion they've provided instead is terrible.

It might be Dell actually. I have a Dell at home and HPs at work. I seem to remember one of my users seeing a stupid poppup when printing though. Whichever of you companies, or both, need to get that bloat out of the driver code.

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