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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Time. Coming. Long. Put these in the appropriate order, and you'll get my reaction to this news. Nokia has announced that it is planning a major overhaul of the user interface to the Symbian operating system, still the most popular smartphone platform in the world.
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by bryanv on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 00:00 UTC
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Has-been OS.

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RE: Yawn.
by Morgan on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 02:37 in reply to "Yawn."
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On the wrong hardware (N75, I'm looking at you) Symbian stinks. It's slow and buggy and not the right fit for most of Nokia's phones. What I've seen of it on more powerful handsets though, really impressed me. It's not quite up there with Android or the iPhone in terms of usability, but it makes my BlackBerry seem like an icon of the 90's PDA era.

I'm not holding my breath though; I think they have a good thing with Maemo, unfortunately it requires a phone nearly as powerful as my laptop and just as expensive. If they can get the price of the N900 and its successors down to a manageable number (say, $150 subsidized, $300 unlocked) they will have an unbeatable phone.

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