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Features, Office A few weeks ago, we talked about how the rise of computing, a field wherein English is the primary language, is affecting smaller languages, and more specifically, the Dutch language (because that's my native tongue). Of course, it's not just the smaller languages that are affected - English, too, experiences the pressure.
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Change the logo?
by daev on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 06:21 UTC
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I agree with Thom that the site should be called OSNews and not OSnews. A possible way to clear some confusion (though not the whole debate) would be to have the logo changed, with the cooperation of the original designer.

The ScummVM game interpreter actually did this about a month ago, as their logo used to include a lowercase "s".

Logo design has never strictly followed the same capitalization rule as written English, but nowadays brands are being more and more liberal with capitalization so it can be hard to know what's correct for normal written usage.

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RE: Change the logo?
by Kroc on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 08:29 in reply to "Change the logo?"
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The logo has always been like that, since 1997

"OSnews" makes the word "news" more readable, where as "OSNews" puts more impact on "OSN" with some trailing letters. "OS News" is fine, because the N does not mess with the "OS". Basically I’m concerned that the "OS" part should be stressed, and "OSN…" de-stresses that.

Thom won’t have it because he is passionate about language and doesn’t like churlish web 2.0-isms AFAIK. Not that I do either (can’t stand awkward domain hacks), I just think the lowercase "n" looks nicer and helps to keep OS as O.S.

David doesn’t seem to mind either way, which doesn’t help separate the scrapping school boys. ;)

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RE[2]: Change the logo?
by frood on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 12:33 in reply to "RE: Change the logo?"
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The logo has always been like that, since 1997

Off topic i know, but how good is this quote from the above link :

30 October 1997

C/net is exposing the future Betamaxes and 8 track tapes of the technology world in a column entitled "10 Technologies that Don't Stand a Chance." Judge for yourself. BTW, one of those doomed technologies is Java.

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