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Features, Office A few weeks ago, we talked about how the rise of computing, a field wherein English is the primary language, is affecting smaller languages, and more specifically, the Dutch language (because that's my native tongue). Of course, it's not just the smaller languages that are affected - English, too, experiences the pressure.
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RE[4]: OSNews name
by Tuishimi on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 16:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OSNews name"
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You must be killed. ;)

I thing it should be TB... short for


Actually the last 5 or 6 articles have been decent.

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RE[5]: OSNews name
by drstorm on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 16:32 in reply to "RE[4]: OSNews name"
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Although it is a complete off-topic (sorry), I must say that I'm really put off when I see the word "I" throughout the whole article. It is OK to present the editor's view, but in a separate section. Otherwise it does look like a blog post.

Despite the fact that Thom sometimes get carried away and writes very biased articles, I think that he is doing a very good job. Besides, you cannot always do your best when you're writing 90% of the articles. I wish there were more editors actively involved.

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RE[6]: OSNews name
by Tuishimi on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 16:44 in reply to "RE[5]: OSNews name"
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I'd volunteer but honestly, if I were to write articles it would take me a week at a time, because I'd want to go over it again and again to make sure the content makes sense, is valid, etc... because I know all of you people reading OSNews would pick it apart. ;)

Plus I'd probably get all defensive about my articles.

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