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Oracle and SUN Yesterday (today if you're in the US), Sun released the latest version of its virtualisation solution, VirtualBox 3.1. Among speed improvements and other smaller features, the biggest news is that Virtualox 3.1 introduces something called teleportation: you can move running VMs between machines - servers or clients, different architectures, different host operating systems, it doesn't matter to VirtualBox. Coincidentally, this reminded me of an idea I once had about moving running applications between machines.
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"even my web mail frontend reads from the IMAP server.

But does your webmail frontend automatically save your draft email progress as you're writing it so you can go to any other machine and resume where you left off?

It's pretty handy this way in case you accidentally close your browser while writing an email, or the machine you're on dies (read: laptop on battery) - you just go to another machine and fire up gmail and there's your draft.

I've yet to come across one that didn't. Although I've only used a handful of webmail apps (Squirrelmail, Horde/IMP, Zimbra, some horrible perl one).

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