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Features, Office A few weeks ago, we talked about how the rise of computing, a field wherein English is the primary language, is affecting smaller languages, and more specifically, the Dutch language (because that's my native tongue). Of course, it's not just the smaller languages that are affected - English, too, experiences the pressure.
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CamelCase ( ;-) ) is most beneficial in helping string pattern matching algorithms find exactly what is desired while still providing the human reader a logical break between words.

Could you images what would happen if I simply did a google search for 'os news' ?? BUT 'osnews', works perfect.

Granted I can encapsulate the search string with quotes, but that destroys the utility completely. Typing quotes is a three-step operation - press shift, press ' key, release shift and takes notably longer to complete than the typical osnews, versus "os news."

Just my money on loan from BankAmerica...

--The loon

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