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In the News This 24/7 Wall Street article displays three common media ailments: hyperbole, a love for top ten lists, and an obsession with December predictions for the coming year (which off course OSNews is obviously also falling victim to), and there are some predictable losers on this list (Blockbuster Video, anyone?). I thought it would be an interesting topic for OSNews because three of the companies/brands are quite familiar to us: Palm, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems.
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And Intel stumbles....
by BluenoseJake on Sat 5th Dec 2009 06:27 UTC
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RE: And Intel stumbles....
by cerbie on Sat 5th Dec 2009 20:43 in reply to "And Intel stumbles...."
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Their first CPU+GPU is going to be the same GMA (PowerVR?) part with Intel's drivers, and was going to be, all along. AMD's Fusion was looking a great deal superior to what Intel was planning, well before they put away Larrabee.

Intel will have better manufacturing, but AMD can have such a superior GPU attached, even before Fusion really comes to fruition, that any performance-minded person[, that is fine w/ IGP, and/or wants a mobile device,] would go AMD over Intel when it happens (best of GPU and best of CPU integrated + good dev tools that can handle march-independent code well). Larrabee (or similar) is still something Intel must have, going to the future, they just can't do it, yet. Good Flash H264 support alone could make AMD look tons better, however much I hate to use Flash as a feature.

I think they might make something of it if they give their good R&D guys, in one location, under one boss, time to get a good core design. With power concerns everywhere, today, Intel can no longer just push extra transistors and GHz.

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RE: And Intel stumbles....
by kaiwai on Sun 6th Dec 2009 11:14 in reply to "And Intel stumbles...."
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That reminds me of the numerous threads on macrumors of people crapping on about how terrible Intel GPU's are, and how horrible the performance is. One can't help but look at the Nvidia fiasco with failing GPU's and chipsets to thank ones lucky starts that feature fetish didn't get the best of him. People may go on about performance all they like but given the fact that Nvidia can't get their act together in terms of producing products that aren't dying in a manner of months, I'm more than happy to have something something slower but more reliable.

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Buy AMD and you have faster and more reliable.

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