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Morphos The MorphOS team seems to be on a roll. Recently, they added support for the PowerPC G4 Mac mini models from Apple, meaning it suddenly became a lot easier to get your hands on a computer capable of running MorphOS. As expected, the team has now announced that a release with PowerMac G4 support is coming as well.
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At long last!
by Syphadias on Sat 5th Dec 2009 07:39 UTC
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I used to dream about maybe one day having a port of Workbench 3.x ported to 68k Apple Mac hardware as a potential means to keep the platform alive.

Now here we are, quite some time when I used to dream of such things, and that dream is coming true, and has already on certain Mac mini's!

I really love what the MorphOS team are doing. I wonder why it took them so long to decide upon the obvious, but better late than never.

Of course people are going to say,"well MorphOS, or Amiga for that matter is never going to find a market in the main stream", and that may be so. After all, everything that made Amiga unique, has been duplicated and expanded upon a million fold. Amiga is no longer the goto place when doing Multimedia production. Amiga is no longer the top dog for video games, multi-tasking has become common place, ease of use, etc.

The thing though that can not be duplicated is it's own particular interface, extreme ease of use, and general way of going about it's tasks. All the while being a very light weight operating system that is really only limited by the amount, quality, and variety of software available for it.

Like Amiga in the early days, things are done for the love of it again. That's the spirit of Amiga, it's that key element that can not be emulated! There is no other community on the planet like the Amiga community, except perhaps the BeOS community, but even that does not have the reputation Amiga has. Granted BeOS/Haiku has become my personal favorite, but nothing can make me stop using Amiga, and I only wish I had amongst my various hobbies, to devote learning to code for these two O.S., so that I could share my own personal vision of their underground/hobbyist future, and perhaps commercial, as all good things begin in the underground.

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