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Hardware, Embedded Systems We've seen a lot of reports going back and forth about whether or not Linux is doing well in the netbook space. As it turns out, research firm ABI Research as well as Dell say about one third of their machines ship with Linux pre-installed - which is pretty darn impressive.
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RE: Linux on ARM
by lemur2 on Tue 8th Dec 2009 10:49 UTC in reply to "Linux on ARM"
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How well does desktop Linux ARM work? I bet not as good as x86....

GCC supports ARM.

FOSS packages are, for the most part, written to be compiled by GCC.

FOSS packages (including Linux itself) are OPEN SOURCE ... and therefore the source code is available. To anyone. There are perhaps as many as a hundred thousand or so such packages. Most of them will run on ARM with just a re-compile, but some might require a bit more effort than that to port.

The best ARM specification AFAIK is a 2GHz dual core part, that uses about 1 watt.

For a netbook, this part should blow Atom out of the water.

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RE[2]: Linux on ARM
by gustl on Tue 8th Dec 2009 14:40 in reply to "RE: Linux on ARM"
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For a netbook, this part should blow Atom out of the water.

In that regard I would say: It depends.

It will depend on the application selected for comparison, which peripheral chips are used (northbridge, RAM, GPU).

OOo for example still is sensitive to upstart time, so it depends on processor power during random hard disk read access. If the ARM platform can handle such a scenario well, it will be good, if not, Atom will still be faster even at far lower clock speeds.

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