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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Samsung has finally lifted the veil a bit on its new mobile platform, Bada. While some of us were expecting a whole new mobile operating system (perhaps built on Linux), reality is a little different: Bada is actually a platform (APIs, programming tools, etc.) which can run on top of different mobile operating systems.
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RE: Too little too late
by ariarinen on Thu 10th Dec 2009 18:40 UTC in reply to "Too little too late"
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Well why waste time on Iphone and Android, when Symbian is much larger market.

Currently Samsung has a small appstore with around 600 items (just open in 3 markets), and they sell smartphones with many different OS most with Symbian or Windows but also Android and their own OS. So they already have access to symbian and android developers and the few who develops for windows.

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RE[2]: Too little too late
by darknexus on Thu 10th Dec 2009 19:12 in reply to "RE: Too little too late"
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Well why waste time on Iphone and Android, when Symbian is much larger market.

Mostly because the iPhone is the one platform where developers, if they charge for their app, are almost guaranteed to get a sale rather than having someone pirate it. Plus, you'd be surprised how many people at least in the US don't realize they can install 3rd party software on their Symbian-based smartphones. It's sad, but there it is.

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