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Graphics, User Interfaces For as long as I can remember, I've been having issues with scrolling in Windows and its applications. When scrolling via dragging the scroll blob, it seemed as if Windows had the annoying habit of randomly resetting your scroll blob to its starting position, which irritated me to no end. It took me a while to figure out, but I finally know when this behaviour occurs - now I just need to know: why?!
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I think because loads of people use Windows and have never seen another OS, they think that the reset of the scrolling position when dragging too wide during a vertical drag/scroll is "normal" and "doesn't every PC do this?".

It's one of the worst "features" of all time on Windows and I always bitterly curse that reset when it happens. As Thom says, it's totally pointless and, even worse, you can't even seem to turn off its abhorrent behaviour (if someone knows of a way, please tell us sufferers!).

When I drag a mouse vertically up or down to scroll, it's virtually impossible to do it in a perfectly vertical straight line and, to compound things, I don't watch the mouse pointer at all during such a drag, since I'm looking at the window contents scrolling and not the scrollbar. Hence, it's simply too easy to "drift" the mouse during drag without noticing and then get mad when it does a reset.

No wonder I use GNOME on Linux 95% of the time to keep my sanity intact :-)

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